Manager's Update

What makes a group of homes into a Community? There are technical answers to that question, such as
recording Articles of Incorporation or creating governing documents, but that’s not what I’m talking about.
At the heart, a Community is best defined as a group of people who have something that they love in common with each other, like their homes and where they live, and this common love makes them have a bond of mutual respect. I think you can feel that when you drive through our community, especially when the
weather is nice and people are out walking.

I attended a meeting recently in which the topic of ‘picking up after pets’ came up. It was mentioned that
there are many folks that may not notice the importance of carrying doggie waste bags, picking up after their pet, and depositing the refuse at any one of the conveniently located doggie waste stations throughout the community. This simple act has high impact for the Community and not just for property values or aesthetics. It shows respect for the many people who choose to live here, and it shows respect for the grounds themselves.

Let’s take pride in our common love and do our best to show it the respect and care we all deserve.

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